Welcome to Columbia, South Carolina InfraGard

InfraGard is a non-profit alliance created with the goal of increasing our Nation’s security through enhanced awareness, communication, and cooperation between the companies and agencies that comprise the critical infrastructure of our country.

Chapter activity involves presentations, training, and plenty of active discussion. Our entire country benefits indirectly from the InfraGard environment; our members benefit directly via the Chapter programs and other members. The South Carolina InfraGard coordinator works hard to produce the best program available for the chapter, including top-notch speakers from both the public and private sector, specific training, and lively ‘break-out’ discussion. In addition, the unique networking opportunity encourages the correlation and dissemination of security events and best practices. InfraGard is truly member-ran, and everyone is encouraged to actively participate in all aspects, including volunteering for one of our many member-led committees.

FBI Contacts

If you have additional questions, please contact the FBI- Columbia Division InfraGard Coordinator:

Sean Cassidy
Special Agent, FBI
(803) 551-4200 – W
(803) 542-3978 – M

Wanda Busbee
Columbia Division
(803) 551-4200

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Columbia Division
151 Westpark Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29210-3857
Attn: InfraGard Coordinator- Squad 10

InfraGard Columbia